Cartomancy Deep Dive: Tarot & Oracle - Where to begin?

Friday, September 22, 2023
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Join author Nyasha Williams, co-creator of The Elemental Alchemist, at The Wandering Jellyfish Bookshop for a tarot and oracle deep dive presentation followed by a Q&A!

The Universe is speaking. Are you listening? Do you know how to?

Sisters Nyasha Williams and Grace Banda—with vibrant illustrations by Kimishka Naidoo—present Elemental Alchemist Oracle Deck & Guidebook and Elemental Alchemist Guided Journal, beautifully informative and grounded guides to divination by way of decolonization of the mind and spirit.

This deck will teach you how to not only hear the universe, but to connect with it, and to recognize the voices of your ancestors as they guide you to new levels of clarity, insight, and evolution. Get the most out of this experience by using this alongside the journal to help equip you in channeling the elements on your journey to courage, enlightenment, and growth. If you are ready to slow down, tune in, and get grounded, this intentional deck and journal are for you.

Nyasha Williams, a passionate social justice griot, grew up living intermittently between the United States and South Africa. Nyasha's mission is to decolonize literature, minds, and spiritual practices using words and stories. With her help, we can all find our voices and use them to write a better world. She currently has four children's book titles, and she has six children's book titles coming out in 2023, along with an Oracle deck Fall of 2023. You can find her on Instagram at @writingtochangethenarrative and @decolonize_yourself on TikTok. She lives in Northglenn, Colorado, with her husband.