Welcome to The Wandering Jellyfish Bookshop

A touch of whimsy brought to the heart of historic, downtown Niwot by Carissa Mina and Jerilyn Patterson, together with 20 years of experience in the children’s writing and illustrating world and a fervent passion for fostering community.
The Wandering Jellyfish Bookshop

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Jerilyn Patterson
Jerilyn Patterson
I spent childhood summers getting carried away to magical lands through books. Now, as a bookstore owner, parent, and writer, I love nothing more than sharing that magic with my community.
Carissa Mina
Carissa Mina
As a writer and avid reader, I am passionate about the power of books. For fifteen years, I have dreamt of sharing this passion in the form of a magical bookshop. That dream has finally come to fruition. I’m excited to share it with you!
Alison Cave
Assistant Store Manager
I'm a lifelong lover of books, currently living my dream of wandering around a small-town bookshop, gushing about my favorites, and helping people find their own.
Hannah Stewart
I've always loved that books can be both grounding and inspirational, fun and informative. Books have immense creative power, and I'm so excited to be part of the TWJ team!

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