Carolyn Combs



Carolyn Combs is a former molecular biologist. Nowadays she shares her curiosity and love for the natural world with children through her writing. She's passionate about fun, innovative nonfiction and thorough, accurate research. She hopes her writing will prompt children to ask and seek answers to their own questions. Her fond childhood memories of beavers and peacocks, plus her curiosity about animal communication, inspired her 2020 debut picture book, What's This Tail Saying? When she’s not reading or writing, she’s hiking the trails around Boulder or training her clever poodle and a brilliant, rescued pig, named Frankie.

School Visit Topics & Activities

Carolyn partners with author Lynn Becker for themed double author visits. Each visit includes an interactive story time, a related game, and craft, plus time for questions. Choose from the following themes with curricular ties:

·      fiction versus nonfiction

·      nonverbal communication

·      being an author

Or ask to develop a theme that suits your needs. Find more details about their offerings at their websites.


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