Rich Moyer



Rich Moyer specializes in the offbeat and irreverent as a syndicated cartoonist and an award-winning animator. He lives in Denver with his wife, Autumn, and daughters, Cleo and Juno. Ham Helsing is his debut graphic novel series.

School Visit Topics & Activities

Creating Stories with Pictures and Character. Rich Moyer’s presentation paints him as an idea person. A cartoonist that can think of funny situations and conflict.  He’s not the stereotype of a writer hunched over a keyboard in a dark room.  Writing is more about harnessing your imagination and taking small steps to craft something the writer, too, would also like to read. Rich was a reluctant reader himself as a kid. Now Rich is an author/illustrator for the largest publisher in the world, Penguin Random House.  Rich’s goal is to empower his audience. He wants every kid to know that if they can think of ideas, they can also harness the power to write and create stories.


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