School Bookfairs & Fundraising Events

Thank you for your interest in Wandering Jellyfish School Book Fairs & Fundraisers! We specialize in working individually with schools to tailor our bookfairs to the specific needs of your school and student body. We give a portion of all bookfair sales back to the school! See below for a sample list of our offerings or contact us for more details.

The In-School Book Fair:

✔︎ The Wandering Jellyfish donates a portion of the sales from the fair back to the school. For maximum benefit to the school, we recommend that the book fair runs for one week, but we can tailor the timing to fit the school’s needs.

✔︎ We work with schools to curate a list of books to fit the needs of your student body. We can provide a large and diverse array of offerings for your bookfair from multiple publishers and authors!

✔︎ The Wandering Jellyfish provides all the book inventory as well as necessary sales equipment and a cash box.

✔︎ We bring the books to the school and a member of our staff is present to help with set up and take down. Our School Liaison is available by phone to answer any questions while the fair is running and can come to the school in-person as needed to resolve any challenges or issues.

✔︎ We provide promotional materials including fliers for students to peruse the offerings in advance and help get them excited about the upcoming fair!

✔︎ Upon request, Wandering Jellyfish can arrange for an author night during one evening of the fair. Students will have the opportunity to interact with one or more local authors, participate in readings or storytimes, and get books signed and personalized! (Based upon author availability.)

✔︎ Themed book fairs! We can help brainstorm and plan a unifying theme around the bookfair to get students excited. Theme examples include a carnival, holiday-themes, or even themes that tie into current school curriculum.

The In-Store Book Fair:

✔︎ This type of fair takes place inside The Wandering Jellyfish Bookshop. Students, families, and staff shop from our full store inventory during a specified day and time, with a portion of the sales being donated back to the school.

✔︎ The Wandering Jellyfish can provide fliers for students and families to peruse specific offerings before the fair, to help them get excited.

✔︎ We create an in-store display which can include books suggested by teachers and staff for families to peruse.

✔︎ Our knowledgeable staff is on-site to help students and families find books tailored to their tastes and reading levels.

Spirit Nights & Other Offerings:

✔︎ We can work with your school on a range of offerings such as spirit nights and community fundraising events. We’re always open to new ideas!

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