School Programs & Offereings

April 22, 2022

School Programs & Offerings

Ordering for classroom/library use:

20% discount on retail prices. Purchases can be tax-exempt with a tax exemption certificate. *Not to be combined with other promotional offers.

Provide ARCs (advance reader copies) of potential author visit books for essential librarians and teachers to promote.

Educator Nights:

Monthly meetings throughout the school year for librarians and educators to highlight new and notable books, provide opportunities for us to learn about what’s working in the classroom, and discuss new and exciting titles, events, and outreach initiatives. *Educators receive a 30% discount during these events. Not to be combined with other promotional offers.

Educational workshops for teachers to learn about newly and soon-to-be-released titles, how to help students choose books they want to read, creating displays in classrooms and libraries that promote interest in reading and browsing, and more! We can also tailor programs to the needs of schools and teachers.

Teacher and educator/school employee benefits:

20% discount for all current classroom teachers for school and personal purchases. *Not to be combined with other promotional offers. School ID required at time of purchase.

10% discount for other school and district educators. *Not to be combined with other promotional offers. District ID required at time of purchase.

In-store teacher wish lists are distributed to families upon request while visiting the bookstore for parents to purchase needed classroom supplies. *Purchases eligible for 20% discount. We collect the items and notify the teachers for pickup.

Fundraising opportunities:

Pop-up book fairs on school campuses with a portion of the proceeds donated back to the school or a program of the school’s choice.

Fundraising/Spirit nights/weekends at The Wandering Jellyfish Bookshop with a portion of sales donated back to the school

In-Store Field Trips & Events:

Opportunity to schedule a time for classrooms to take a field trip to the bookstore, tour the store and offices, talk about books, meet authors and illustrators, or learn about running a bookstore/small business.

Opportunity to schedule a day/time for classrooms to participate in an in-store bookfair.

Student Opportunities:

Curated summer reading lists that can be distributed to students and parents

Reading incentive programs that can be tailored with the school to meet student needs. For example, Golden Ticket awarded by teacher/librarian to students for a certain number of hours/books read. *We provide the coupon, teachers/librarians create the program.

Author School Visit Liaison:

Provide a list of authors and their contact information upon request.

Orders copies of visiting author’s books for families to purchase, and we’ll provide order forms for teachers/librarians to hand out to families. *We can also provide on-site sales during an author visit.

Act as a liaison between schools and authors to help coordinate the visit details

*Please note we may not have access to books from all authors. For example, self-published authors usually provide copies of their books.