Author visit with Rich Moyer was Ham-tastic!

August 15, 2022

It was standing room only during graphic novelist Rich Moyer's visit to The Wandering Jellyfish Bookshop.

He talked a little about his writing journey and gave a drawing demonstration, but what he was most excited about was interacting with the kids.

"My nose was in a piece of paper all the time," he said. "I [started drawing] pretty much as soon as I could hold a pencil."

Once a syndicated cartoonist, Moyer has switched gears to focus mainly on writing and illustrating. He came to TWJ this weekend to celebrate his recently published graphic novel Ham Helsing: Monster Hunter. The novel, which is the sequel to Ham Helsing: Vampire Hunter, is incredibly popular among young readers, especially frequent visitors to TWJ bookshop.

"We like his books the best," said event attendee Ellen Parrish. "He needs to write more!"

Both installments of Ham Helsing are loosely inspired by the famous Abraham Van Helsing, who hunted Dracula. In a comical twist, Moyer's character Ham isn't exactly like the rest of his adventurous and courageous family. He'd much rather enjoy the finer things in life, paint, or even write poetry. But when his older, perfect-hunter brother dies, it's up to Ham to take up the mantle and save the day.

Moyer fielded questions about the series, like why Ham apparently has wide-screen TVs but no cellphone, to which Moyer laughed. "The great thing about making books is you can make it however you want."

Throughout the event, he interacted with most attendees, especially the children who came. While signing books, he asked them about their interests and what they were currently reading, which led to many fun and lively conversations.

"It's great just watching the kids interact with him," said co-owner Carissa Mina. "He's super good with them."

His advice to aspiring writers and illustrators: "take account of the books you like because [your creations] have to come from an authentic place."